ShapeShift Now Available!

Exchange 40+ Altcoins for Gift Cards with the Click of a Button!

It has always been our mission to make it as easy as possible for Canadians to exchange their cryptocurrency for gift cards that can be used for everyday products and services.

When the Bitcoin network was slower and congested, an alternative was needed, and we integrated Litecoin. But it was always on our roadmap to bring back the ability to transact with Ether & Altcoins directly on our site. Thanks to the wonderful developers of BTCpay we now can offer just that. With the integration of ShapeShift into BTCpay, you can now pay your invoices with more than 40 altcoins supported by ShapeShift.

What Coins Does ShapeShift Support ?

Convert Altcoins to BTC or LTC Easily

Upon checkout you will be presented with the usual BTCpay screen, with a small (but HUGE) change. There is now a “Conversion” tab which redirects you to the ShapeShift interface.

Step One: Choose either the Bitcoin or Litecoin icon from the “Pay With” line above, then click “Conversion”.

Step Two: Click the “Pay with Altcoins” button, which will redirect you to the ShapeShift interface instantly.

*Note that this serice is provided by a 3rd party. BTCpay nor has any control over how providers will forward your funds. Your invoice will only be marked “paid” once funds are received on the BTC or LTC blockchain.

Step Three: From the “Pay With” drop down menu, choose from 40+ coins to pay with. ShapeShift will automatically calculate the amount of that coin you will need to transfer.

You can also input both your email address, and a return address, should your transaction fail. Both of these fields are completely optional, and up to your own preference.

Once you have filled out the necessary (and optional) fields, click “Submit”.

Step Four: You will be presented with the total amount to send, as well as a QR code & address.

ShapeShift will provide you with the details of what currency your coins will be converted to (either BTC or LTC), the amount in that currency, and the receiving address for that chain.

You will also see the status of your transaction below. Once you have sent your transaction, and it has received at least one confirmation on the corresponding blockchain, your status will change from “awaiting deposit” to “awaiting exchange”, and once ShapeShift has finished the exchange, your transaction will show “Complete”.