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The Elm Hurst mansion restaurant was built in 1872 as the personal residence of James Harris and family. A fine example of the Gothic Revival style, it remained a stately family home for more than a century.
The last Harris heir sold the property in the mid 1970s, and the house was transformed into a popular dining establishment that opened in 1979. An addition was added to the rear of the original structure five years later, with the 49-room Elm Hurst Inn & Spa being built in 1988.
The original 19th-century Carriage House with its rustic wooden beams remains a popular venue for Weddings and Conferences.
Our property has been transformed into a magical place to relax, revive and indulge. An inn with fine accommodations, restaurant, spa and events venue is what you will find.

415 Harris Street, Ingersoll, N5C 3J8