May 2018 Feedback Summary and Comments

We are a small team at Coincards, but we are growing rapidly in order volume and the number of Canadians we get to help every day. Last week we asked our customers to provide us with some feedback so that we could make sure that our team’s best efforts are focused on moving in the right direction.

We received an overwhelming response rate, with 94.3% of responses being positive, but we really would like to hit 100% or as close to it as possible.

Order fulfillment is, of course, our main function and our #1 priority. Coincards is investing heavily in the coming months to making the ordering process as seamless as possible and we are very excited for the things we have planned.

In response to your feedback, we would like to present to you the “State of Coincards” report/post to let everyone know where we are at and where we will be focusing efforts.

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Lightning Network Enabled for $25 Orders

We have always strived to be part of the most cutting-edge technologies in cryptocurrency, including the newest and highly anticipated Bitcoin Lightning Network. We are extremely pleased to announce that thanks to the talented and driven team of BTCpay, is now Bitcoin Lightning Network Enabled!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been accepting $0.01 Lightning test payments, and due to the great success that we have experienced, we are now confident in opening up $25 gift card purchases using the Bitcoin Lightning Network!

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ShapeShift Now Available!

Exchange 40+ Altcoins for Gift Cards with the Click of a Button!

It has always been our mission to make it as easy as possible for Canadians to exchange their cryptocurrency for gift cards that can be used for everyday products and services.

When the Bitcoin network was slower and congested, an alternative was needed, and we integrated Litecoin. But it was always on our roadmap to bring back the ability to transact with Ether & Altcoins directly on our site. Thanks to the wonderful developers of BTCpay we now can offer just that. With the integration of ShapeShift into BTCpay, you can now pay your invoices with more than 40 altcoins supported by ShapeShift.

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Litecoin logo

Litecoin Payments Now Available

And Then There Was Litecoin

At the end of December 2017, shut down temporarily in order to re-vamp our site and implement much needed improvements. One of the major improvements that we worked toward was the implementation of Litecoin as a direct payment method, which was driven by the high transaction fees and congestion facing the Bitcoin network. Our users rallied in their requests for direct Litecoin integration, and as always we made it a priority to make our user experience as awesome as possible.

We are very happy to announce that after many, many hours of development and testing by BTCpay and our team, Litecoin is now fully enabled on!

Litecoin does NOT replace Bitcoin on our site, however simply allows users more choice!

Thank you to everyone for your patience, understanding and support during this process. We hope that you are just as excited about this new development as we are, and that it enables all of our users to enjoy a faster and more cost effective experience with us.

Next on our roadmap of improvements are (1) Integration of a payment processor for altcoins, and (2) Implementation of the Lightning Network, which we feel will really take us to the next level!