was created in July of 2014, a subsidiary of Stuff Technologies Inc.

After getting involved in bitcoin in late 2013, we noticed there was initially a real push by the crypto community to get vendors to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. Unfortunately, most major vendors did not want to take the risk associated with holding or even trading in BTC as a currency. The need from the crypto community to be able to use their cryptocurrencies as a currency however remained a real issue. Enter! vision is to help Canadians spend their cryptocurrencies at all Canadian retailers, using those retailers existing Gift Card infrastructure.

The cryptocurrency economy is a very rapidly growing network, which can be used as a store of value and as a currency. We feel the best way to grow that network is by using your cryptocurrencies in everyday commerce. We strive to enable this by having Canada’s best selection of Gift Cards available for cryptocurrencies. Ultimately we would like to show retailers that their customers are interested in spending cryptocurrencies, hopefully increasing further adoption.

We dream of a world where cryptocurrencies are the major forms of currency used for all trade, at all retailers across the world and we are here to bridge that gap for Canadians.